Monday, 27 December 2010

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Why are footballers wearing Snoods? or as we outdoors types call them - Buff's

Rant time!

Why are footballers wearing snoods or neck warmers?  I understand the possible need for gloves and definately thermal base layers but seriously are they that cold they need to wear a scarf.

Well, IF your son or daughter is bothering you to buy them a neckscarf so they look like Samir Nasri then I suggest you consider a Buff.  These are neck tubes made of a seamless stretchy and breathable material.  There is also a fleece version available for those who really feel the cold.

Joking aside, I have used one for years now skiing and on the bike.  They can be pulled up over the mouth and nose to keep the chill off of your face whilst still breathable.

They are reasonably inexpensive and come in a huge and varied range of designs and can be twisted and turned in to a hat, balaclava or bandana.

What the demo now you've heard about there amazing uses.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Icebreaker Mondo Zip Wins Country Walking’s Best In Test

I received the below article from our friends at Icebreaker today and thought you might be interested in what they say.

Icebreaker’s Mondo Zip has won Best In Test in the “Men’s base-layers” gear test feature in the January 2011 issue of Country Walking. Gear tester Andy Cremin said of the Mondo Zip “it works well over a wide range of plenty of warmth when you need it,” and continues to praise the base-layer’s breathability, commenting: “It wicks sweat incredibly well,” and Icebreaker’s unique anti-bacterial, odour resistant qualities: “Body odour isn’t really an issue either, with several days of use being perfectly possible without any obvious stink rearing its ugly head.” The tester also liked the versatility of the zip neck, and that the sleeves can be easily rolled up in warmer conditions.

His verdict: “Icebreaker’s classic merino...nudged into the lead with its quality fabric, decent cut and...more comfortable feeling against the skin.” The concluding observation of the review echoes Icebreaker’s philosophy: “Overall...natural materials perform better than man-made fabrics.”

Publication: Country Walking
Issue: January 2011