Saturday, 16 May 2009

Fast, Compact, Efficient.

The Jetboil cooking system was a first in design, style and technology. Incorporating a mug as the boiling pan, and an insulated sleeve that can be left on whilst cooking, the Jetboil collaborates many bits of kit into one compact unit.

One of the features that Jetboil are most proud of is the record boiling time. 33% quicker than its rivals, the Jetboil makes a perfect companion to any camper with a boil time of just 60 seconds for a perfect cup of tea. The patented FluxRing and Piezo Ignition, give a massive power input, along with a insulating Cozy and Lid, that provide efficient boiling through Neoprene insulation.

And finally the whole unit packs down neatly allowing for more room within your rucksack for all that extra Tea you'll be drinking.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

British is best!

Definition: Montane regions generally have cooler temperatures and often have higher rainfall than the adjacent lowland regions. These are precisely the condition that Montane clothing excel at.

Montane have two main aims, firstly weight. The heavier something is the more energy it takes to transport it, and the more room it takes to pack, limiting room for luxuries like chocolate. Secondly is breathability. When people feel uncomfortable its usually because their perspiration is making them feel clammy, not only is it important to keep the rain out but also your sweat. To combat these Montane use various eVENT membranes that leave Gore-Tex in the dust. Some of the jackets are unbelievably light, for instance the featherlite smock weighs half the weight of a piece of paper per square metre.

Montane's quality is world renowned, their use of branded fabrics such as Pertex and eVENT mean the fabrics used are at the top of their league. This means that the versatility of Montane clothing is vast, ranging from their fast and light range that are perfect cyclists and runners to their mountain adventure range, ideal for anyone from the novice to British Mountain Rescue.

Anything better than a Leatherman - I don't think so.....

Whether its for botching a broken car or fixing some broken sunglasses in the middle of the desert, the Leatherman has earned the respect for being a truly multi tool. Since 1975 Tim Leatherman has wanted to create the best multi-tool available, and personally i think he has succeeded. The leatherman boasts an efficient design, comfortable grip, precise tools - which are secure, ultra sharp and perfectly aligned. The attention to detail has allowed Leatherman to offer a 25 year guarantee with all its products, something that's rare in our throw away society.

The design is simple to use yet elegant and safe. The sharp looking blade - believe it or not - is less likely to cut you, as it requires less effort to perform the task. Leatherman tools are made from 100% stainless steel to provide years of dependable service. Each 400-series stainless implement is heat treated to optimal hardness for its function. The knives and files are typically tempered to Rockwell C 57 to achieve excellent edge retention.

The 34 years of manufacturing experience has allowed for a tool that can do more than you expect from a first glance. For example, a specially adapted Phillips screwdriver means it can be used on both No.1 and No.2 sized screws.
The regular torture tests and rigorous quality control mean that you are owning a piece of quality when purchasing a Leatherman.
Matt - out.

Carn Footwear - Now in Stock

We are pleased to announce we are now stockist of an exiting new British brand of Footwear. It is the launch season for Carn footwear and they are using lots of cutting edge materials and technology including eVent waterproof membranes. Everything in the boots and shoes have been specifically designed for the product. There are new footbeds, soles, and a unique fit.

Check them out, I think they will become a major new addition to our footwear range