Monday, 27 December 2010

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Why are footballers wearing Snoods? or as we outdoors types call them - Buff's

Rant time!

Why are footballers wearing snoods or neck warmers?  I understand the possible need for gloves and definately thermal base layers but seriously are they that cold they need to wear a scarf.

Well, IF your son or daughter is bothering you to buy them a neckscarf so they look like Samir Nasri then I suggest you consider a Buff.  These are neck tubes made of a seamless stretchy and breathable material.  There is also a fleece version available for those who really feel the cold.

Joking aside, I have used one for years now skiing and on the bike.  They can be pulled up over the mouth and nose to keep the chill off of your face whilst still breathable.

They are reasonably inexpensive and come in a huge and varied range of designs and can be twisted and turned in to a hat, balaclava or bandana.

What the demo now you've heard about there amazing uses.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Icebreaker Mondo Zip Wins Country Walking’s Best In Test

I received the below article from our friends at Icebreaker today and thought you might be interested in what they say.

Icebreaker’s Mondo Zip has won Best In Test in the “Men’s base-layers” gear test feature in the January 2011 issue of Country Walking. Gear tester Andy Cremin said of the Mondo Zip “it works well over a wide range of plenty of warmth when you need it,” and continues to praise the base-layer’s breathability, commenting: “It wicks sweat incredibly well,” and Icebreaker’s unique anti-bacterial, odour resistant qualities: “Body odour isn’t really an issue either, with several days of use being perfectly possible without any obvious stink rearing its ugly head.” The tester also liked the versatility of the zip neck, and that the sleeves can be easily rolled up in warmer conditions.

His verdict: “Icebreaker’s classic merino...nudged into the lead with its quality fabric, decent cut and...more comfortable feeling against the skin.” The concluding observation of the review echoes Icebreaker’s philosophy: “Overall...natural materials perform better than man-made fabrics.”

Publication: Country Walking
Issue: January 2011

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Earbags - You need to see them to believe them

Once a sales rep, who I have known for a long time showed me a new Swedish product called an Earbag.  This small fleece accessory fits over your ears and is basically an ear warmer.  I thought these items were a bit daft but Chris persuaded me to take some.

Well they are now one of our best selling items.  We sell them in three sizes and a variety of colours.  This year we have sold them to walkers, skiers and mainly people who want to stop their ears getting cold.

Check out this wonderfully unique Youtube video!

Friday, 19 November 2010

The North Face

Great news!  We are proud to announce the launch of The North Face clothing and equipment.  

We have just launched the new season’s range of The North Face to our expanding product line.  The North Face are market leaders in every type of outdoor clothing and equipment. Signature pieces include their Nuptse jackets and Nuptse Vest, along with the iconic Expedition Duffle bags which have been used on expeditions all over the world.  Also new to the site is the technical Point Five Jacket which has the most advanced fabrics and technical construction and retail for £249.00.

We have a comprehensive collection including key pieces from the Summit Series, Rucksacks, Down insulation and footwear.  

Keep your eyes on the site for more new exciting gear from one of the worlds leading outdoor brands.

A Guide to Choosing a Sleeping Bag

Here is a guide to buying sleeping bags. 
The main questions to ask; first, what is the lowest temperature that you are likely to experience? Secondly, will you be carrying the bag and in what type of environment will it be used?

Comfort Temperature Ratings
EN 13537 provides a standard and uniform method of measuring the performance of a sleeping bag within the European Union, and allows consumers to compare different sleeping bags from different brands accurately. The testing within EN 13537 also provides a comfort temperature range shown as the T (comfort) and T (limit), to suggest a range of use depending on the individual user.
The T (comfort) is related to a woman and the T (limit) is related to a man. The T (extreme) is to be considered only in very extreme situations. The ratings from the EN13537 test compare the performance of sleeping bags under very controlled standard test conditions, they do not take into account the many various conditions encountered in use such as wind, posture, clothing, ground insulation, humidity or the individual's physical or psychological state (hunger, fatigue etc.). Therefore these temperature ratings should be used as a guideline and adapted to each individual's situation. To avoid confusion and to assist in helping make the right decision Deuter sleeping bags also carry a Comfort Zone recommendation based on experience but as with EN13537, individual circumstances should be considered and advise from the retailer taken.
TIP: As a general rule, if you think you feel the cold more than the average person then go for a bag which has a comfort rating 5ºC colder than the conditions will be. For example, if you expect –10ºC then buy a –15ºC bag.

 Insulation Materials: Down versus Synthetic
Natural down clusters and synthetic wadding are the two main types of air-trapping insulation material used to make sleeping bags.

Down Pros
  • Warmth to weight ratio is far greater than any synthetic.
  • Small pack size.
  • Greater breathability.
  • Will cover wider range of temperatures.
  • Will last years longer if looked after.
 Down Cons
  • More expensive.
  • Useless when wet.
  • Difficult to wash and dry.
  • Shouldn't be stored compressed.
 Synthetic Pros
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Dries and cleans easily.
  • Retains up to 70% performance when wet.
  • Can be stored compressed (not for long periods.)
Synthetic Cons
  • Heavier weight.
  • Covers less range of temperature.
  • Shorter life span than down.
  • Larger pack size
Down is the most efficient and long lasting, the sleeping bags are smaller and lighter and feel much softer, however they do lose their insulating qualities when wet, are difficult to clean and more expensive. Down sleeping bags do offer the best warmth to weight ratio, if you need a very warm bag (-15ºC or lower?) then buy down. Fill power and construction also needs to be considered when buying a down bag. Fill weight tells you how much down is in the bag, however the better the down in terms of fill power the less you need to keep warm. Fill power gives a gauge of how efficient the down is at trapping air – e.g. a 30g sample of down with a fill power of 600+ will occupy a minimum of 600 cubic inches. Therefore, the higher the fill power, the better the performance of the bag.
Note: Fill power is calculated in two different ways depending on origin, either by the American or European method. This results in slightly different figures (500 European = approx 550 American). When you see a bags down/feather ratio it means the following: - 90/10 would mean 90% down and 10% feather. You may ask 'why isn't it 100% down', the answer is that the down requires a certain amount of feather so it has something to cling to – like leaves on a branch. Any less than 3% feathers and the down will have no purchase and will just clump together and not loft. Any more than 10-12% feather and there will not be enough down and the performance will be adversely affected. Construction methods affect the down distribution and therefore insulation, methods such as trapezoidal chamber construction offer good down distribution and resistance to shift, but are more expensive. Stitch through and box wall construction is cheaper but can allow cold spots.
 Synthetic Sleeping Bags
Synthetic sleeping bags are less expensive. Synthetic insulation performs better than down when wet but they are bulkier and heavier. Buy synthetic if the bag will be used regularly in damp conditions, be washed fairly frequently or the conditions just don't demand the higher performance of down. The same rules for construction apply to synthetic bags, if stitched through cold spots can form, look for bags with a shingle construction.
Other features to consider:
Hood: test the hood, pull it tight and see whether it feels comfortable and snug.
Shoulder baffle: A shoulder or neck baffle helps to trap warm air inside the bag; these are usually not necessary on summer bags and are more common on bags where a higher performance is required.
Side Zips: Two way zips running the whole length enable you to let your feet cool down and allows you to vent your feet outside the bag in hot weather, check the zip has a guard to ensure it does not snag.
Materials: Nylon or Polyester micro fibre is the standard fabric for both lining and shell as it is breathable, quick drying and durable. Poly cotton or cotton is often used for lining in budget bags but is slow drying and adds weight and bulk.
Proper Storage - When storing your bag it's best to put it in a storage bag or a pillow case as loosely as possible to help the bag maintain its loft. Never use a plastic bag for storage as this will prevent the elimination of any moisture and promote the growth of mildew.
Washing - When it finally comes to the point that you need to wash your sleeping bag, follow these steps:
1. Follow the manufacturer's care label instructions. They know how their product should be cleaned and dried. If any of the points below contradict the label, follow the label instructions.
2. Zip up all zippers (open teeth can snag the shell or lining) and fasteners, then turn the bag inside out so that body oils accumulated on the inside will wash out easily.
3. Always use a front-loading washer, the agitator in a top-loading washer will tear baffles apart or rip the bag itself.
4. For a down-filled bag, use cold water with a gentle detergent like Nikwax Down Wash. For a synthetic fill bag, use cold or warm water with a mild detergent. Whether down or synthetic, wash on the gentle cycle, use as little detergent as possible and no bleach or fabric softener.
5. Run at least one full cycle with no detergent to completely rinse the bag; two if you still detect soap.
6. To remove the bag from the washing machine, gently lift and support the bag from below to prevent water-soaked insulation weight from tearing baffles or ripping stitches.
7. If possible, place in large commercial dryer (home dryers are generally too small to allow sufficient fluffing) on a low heat. Intermittently stop the dryer and be sure that the fill is not clumping to be sure of even drying. Using a tennis ball in the dryer will help fluff the fill.
8. Finally, never dry clean your sleeping bag. The petroleum-based dry cleaning chemicals will damage the bag. With proper care, a quality sleeping bag can last up to 20 years and provide you with many nights of clean, warm, comfortable sleep

Monday, 15 November 2010

A brief guide to Goretex Fabrics

Goretex is one of the most technical fabrics which is used in waterproof jackets and trousers.  Below are some frequently asked questions to help you through the choice of buying a jacket.

What is the difference between 2 and 3 layer Gore-Tex garment constructions?
A 3 layer garment is made from 3 layer Gore-Tex. The Gore-Tex membrane is sandwiched between the face fabric on the outside and a knit scrim fabric on the inside - all laminated together to appear as one layer.
A 2 layer garment is made from 2 layer Gore-Tex. The Gore-Tex has only the face fabric laminated on the outside. To protect the Gore-Tex on the inside when made up as a garment, a loose lining is added, usually a mesh lining for extra breathability.
How waterproof are Berghaus jackets?

Gore-Tex fabrics are waterproof and will not let water in even where there is pressure from rucsac straps etc. So the issue is how long the garments will be waterproof.
Gore-tex is extremely durable waterproof and many consumers have jackets over 20 years old that still perform well.
Aquafoil is durable and most consumers will get many years usage from their jackets.
 How breathable are Goretex jackets?
Berghaus use lab tests backed up with field testing to gain a good understanding of how breathable our jackets are. Using standard Gore-Tex Performance Shell  jackets as a benchmark the following is a guide as to how breathable garments are.
Gore-Tex Pro Shell 30+% more breathable
PacLite 35 - 40% more breathable
Aquafoil 25 - 35% less breathable

Friday, 12 November 2010

Nikwax Sandal Wash is the antitode to smelly climbing boots

I was recently chatting to Richard at Nikwax who was telling me that they are starting to advertise Sandal Wash as the ideal product to clean Rock climbing boots with.

Mine stink when I have been wearing them for a while without socks and I never clean them I just ram them back into the bottom of the bag for next time and then they are worse then when I left them.  Sandal wash is cheap and easy to use with a sponge "dabber" to apply it with and we currently have it on a special offer.

If you have any handy tips please let us know

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Why do we do it?

Recently I have been re-reading some of the classic climbing books and my wife asked me what they are about. I said that there about climbers who take on challenges and often come back with frost-bitten toes and often see their friends die on the mountain. Obviously I was being a bit facetious but it got me wondering why do people risk their lives.

Only a week or so ago I read an article about a Nepalese sherpa who had conquered Everest 19 times to go missing on the great mountain. Chhewang Nima, 43 highly respected in mountaineering circles for scaling the world's highest peak, was fixing ropes near the summit of Mount Baruntse when he and another guide were hit by the avalanche.

He has left his wife and two children. Nima was one climb off the record which is 20 ascents.

I guess this was his livlihood rather than a hobby but is the thrill of climbing a mountain worth risking your life.

Let me know how you feel about this

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

ICEBREAKER - New Range Online Now!

Our brand new Icebreaker range is now available

For those who don't know, Icebreaker are famous for their 100% merino base-layers.

Why Merino?
Softer, thinner and more comfortable than conventional wool, merino breathes like synthetics can't, absorbs vast amounts of perspiration to keep you dry (and cool) when working hard, and of course, insulates wonderfully when it's chilly.

As a plus side it's also naturally odour-resistant, so you won't experience the same 'lived-in' smell as you do in a synthetic base-layer!
We can guarantee that once you've experienced the comfort of merino, you'll be converted!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Brand of the Week - Sprayway

Brand of the Week - Save £££s on all Sprayway

Sprayway are one of the great British outdoor brands, with a range ideal for walking and adventure in UK conditions, and whislt stocks last we've reduced all our Sprayway range...don't miss out!

Monday, 13 September 2010


Our massive 33% off all tents sale ends Sunday 19th September, stock is selling fast though so don't miss out!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

SAVE 33% on ALL TENTS in our SALE!

That's right, every tent on Gear-Zone now has 1/3 off rrp!

So why not beat the VAT hike next year and pick a tent for one of the top outdoor brands, including Terra Nova, Vango, MSR, Vaude, Wild Country, Coleman and Gelert.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

BBC2 to broadcast live ascent!

A breathtaking live ascent in one of the most spectacular and challenging climbing locations in Britain will be filmed in an ambitious BBC Scotland broadcast this Saturday.

Two of the most prestigious figures from the climbing world will be filmed scaling Sron Uladail on the Isle of Harris – renowned as one of the toughest rock faces in the world. Sron Uladail is the UK's largest overhanging cliff and lies at the heart of an area of outstanding landscape beauty and natural heritage value.

Mountain Hardwears sponsored climber, Tim Emmett and fellow climber Dave Macleod will tackle the daunting overhanging crag in one of the largest outside broadcasts to be mounted in the Outer Hebrides.

The dramatic ascent will be transmitted on Saturday 28 August on BBC Two Scotland, for six hours.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Gelert Eiger Tents - Extra Reductions!

For a limited time only we're offering extra special prices on the Gelert Eiger range of summer tents.

Ideal for festivals, summer camping or backpacking on a budget, the Eiger Tents offer a front porch for storage and fully waterproof fly and groundsheets, so even the British summer weather won't get through!

Gelert Eiger 2 Tent - ONLY £24.99
rrp £40.00 (sleeps 2)

Gelert Eiger 3 Tent - ONLY £29.99
rrp £45.00 (sleeps 3)

Gelert Eiger 4 Tent - ONLY £34.99
rrp £50.00 (sleeps 4)

Please note this offer is valid whilst stocks last, so please order early to avoid disappointment.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


We've added some more lines and made further reductions across many others in our Sale!

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Thursday, 8 July 2010

WIN £150 of Gear-Zone Vouchers

Your Chance to WIN £150 of Gear-Zone Vouchers!

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Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Our SALE is now on!

Visit the site to take advantage of extra savings on top brand outdoor clothing and equipment, but don't delay, offers are only valid whilst stocks last.

--- NEWS FLASH ---

We've changed our postage rates! For UK mainland* orders they are now:

Orders £29.99 & over = FREE
Orders under £29.99 = £2.99

So you can now take even more advantage of our great prices and wide range without having to worry about p&p

Old prices were: Orders over £80.00 = Free, Orders under £80.00 = £4.50
*Changes have been made to Off-shore UK rates too, to check these out or for more details please click here

Friday, 18 June 2010

Walk on Water (Liquid Mountaineering)

Check out this brilliant viral created for Hitec. The British footwear company have managed to get into the top 10 virals list with nearly 5 million views.

Liquid Mountaineering

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Free Postage on all orders until 13/06/10

We're pleased to let you know that we're offering...

FREE POSTAGE on all orders until Midnight on Sunday 13th June 2010.

Check our new site out, and pick up a bargain or two!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


For Men
Craghoppers Freedom Paclite Jacket - Save 50% - ONLY £75.00
Craghoppers Corey Microfleece - Save 50% - ONLY £15.00
Craghoppers Kiwi Zip-Off Trousers - Save over 40% - ONLY £25.00

For Women
Craghoppers Women's Madigan Jacket - Save 50% - ONLY £40.00
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Craghoppers Women's Kiwi Trousers - Save over 40% - ONLY £23.00

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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Our new site is now live!

With improved navigation, search, images and more, we're proud to invite you to see the difference!

Rest assured that our huge range of top brands and gear is still at ultra-competitive prices.

Monday, 17 May 2010

New site coming soon

Our new site is now just days away. Look out for our new site with improved offers, better navigation and images and loads of new products

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Free Postage on All Order until Sunday 18th April are pleased to announce
FREE POSTAGE on ALL orders!*

So now you can pick up those smaller essentials like Sporks, without having to 'fork' out for delivery!

*Free Postage ends on 18/04/10 @ 23:59
(Normally £4.50 p&p orders under £80.00)

Monday, 12 April 2010

2010 Tents Now Available!

The clocks have gone forward, the sun has some warmth and the great outdoors is calling again...

Our new 2010 range of tents will contain something for you, whether you need a 4 person festival tent, a 3 person backpacking tent or a super-light 1 person tent for adventure racing.

With tents from the best manufacturers like Terra Nova, Vaude, Vango and others, we've a comprehensive selection, and as usual they're all at our usual low prices.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Waterpoof footwear and breathable fabrics

So, if Goretex and eVent are breathable does that mean when they are put in shoes they are just as breathable as in coats? Well, the membrane is as breathable but generally your feet will feel hotter than in a pair of non waterproof boots. The reason is quite simple, your feet generally get very hot and achy, especially after a long days walking and the boots do not have anywhere for the heat to go.

The only hole in your waterproof boots in filled with your foot and the hot air cannot escape from there. The waterproof membrane is breathable but there is soo many layers of padding, membrane, leather or fabric and plastic heel cups that its hard for the moisture vapour to escape.

So what are the best shoes to wear?

Well the first question we are asked is are these boots waterproof? Of course the boots which are waterproof are the ones which are less breathable than the ones which aren't. My recommendation is that if you need the guarantee that your feet stay dry then buy waterproof boots. Leather ones such as the Meindl Burma GTX are guaranteed waterproof and should you damage the Goretex in a few years time you can wax them with Sportwax or Nikwax and make them as waterproof as any other leather boot.

If you are going to a hot place and need some boots which are breathable (and want more support than sandals) then I suggest you a leather boot without a membrane or a lighter approach shoe such as a Merrell or Salomon.

Please let me know your experiences with boots.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Is eVent more breathable than Goretex?

eVent is the waterproof membrane which is rapidly gaining a cult following. It is being used by niche outdoor clothing brands who are looking for a product which is very breathable. British firms using eVent include Rab and Montane. You will never find a manufacturer using eVent and Gore-tex. Allegedly, WL Gore have exclusivity clauses to prevent a supplier using both. (I have heard of one company that uses both - any guesses?? Nike).

I have tried most jacket fabrics now and through testing I have found eVent to be the most breathable, waterproof fabric I have personally tried. My Rab Drillium jacket is so breathable that I am able to cycle in it. I am a cynical person and only ever cycle in pertex smocks or soft shell jackets, this is after some sweaty experiences in Paclite and other waterproof jackets. My eVent jacket has been great though. I keep wondering whether I am working hard enough in it as I cannot get any level of condensation to build up in it.

Some have criticised eVent's durability but we have not had an unusual level of returns on this fabric. In my opinion, and I am not a lab, eVent is far more breathable than Goretex Paclite. However, I am unable to notice any difference in the breathability between heavier eVent jackets such as a Rab Bergen jacket and GTX Proshell. I think this is that in the 3 layer jackets (those without a drop liner) I have worn have been when I have worn more layers and not had the membrane close to the skin as I have worn base/mid layers and the condensation level is therefore further away from me.

Another advantage of eVent shells is there comparativly low prices. You can buy a fully featured mountain jacket such as the Rab Latok Alpine for under £250.

Let me know your opinion

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Please accept our apologies but our phone lines are currently out of action...we're working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We are still contactable via email.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Craghoppers Microfleece for only £15.00!

Craghoppers Corey & Miska Microfleece
only £15.00!

rrp £30.00 - Save 50%

Thanks to their simplicty and functionality, the Craghoppers Corey and Miska microfleece are perennial favourites. Ideal for layering because of their low bulk and high warmth to weight ratio, the Corey and Miska Microfleece make ideal companions on walks, treks or travel.

These always prove to be quick-sellers so don't miss out

Prices valid whilst stocks last. Prices valid on products marked 'offer' only

Monday, 1 February 2010

Berghaus Rucksack Offers

Brand new in online!

Selected Berghaus backpacks, travel packs and daypacks on offer. Huge savings from rrp

Offer valid on marked products only, prices valid whilst stocks last

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Julbo Helmets - Up to 60% Off RRP

We've got Julbo Ski Helmets in stock now, with up to 60% off rpp whilst stocks last.

There's a style to suit everyone, from juniors to the hardcore backcountry skiers, all with Julbo's features for comfort and safety.

Ski helmets are more popular than ever, the benefits being obvious, and like cycle helmets a few years ago, technological advancements combined with much more attractive styling have made them more appealing to the fashion conscious.

Check out the range here before they're gone!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Berghaus Paclite Jackets for £99.99!

We're kicking off 2010 as we mean to go bringing you top quality gear at unmissable prices.

rrp £150.00 - OFFER £99.99!

On special offer at the moment are the fantastic Berghaus Paclite Jackets. They're a classic design with top-end materials and they're great for lightweight walking, travel, cycling and general purpose wear...some nutters have even used them as disposable mountaineering jackets in the past (although we don't recommend leaving them anywhere...they're too handy ;-)

So be quick, they won't hang around.

rrp £150.00 - OFFER £99.99!

*Offer applies to black Berghaus Paclite jackets only. Offer applies to Paclite Jackets marked 'special offer - whilst stocks last' only. Price is valid whilst stocks last