Monday, 15 November 2010

A brief guide to Goretex Fabrics

Goretex is one of the most technical fabrics which is used in waterproof jackets and trousers.  Below are some frequently asked questions to help you through the choice of buying a jacket.

What is the difference between 2 and 3 layer Gore-Tex garment constructions?
A 3 layer garment is made from 3 layer Gore-Tex. The Gore-Tex membrane is sandwiched between the face fabric on the outside and a knit scrim fabric on the inside - all laminated together to appear as one layer.
A 2 layer garment is made from 2 layer Gore-Tex. The Gore-Tex has only the face fabric laminated on the outside. To protect the Gore-Tex on the inside when made up as a garment, a loose lining is added, usually a mesh lining for extra breathability.
How waterproof are Berghaus jackets?

Gore-Tex fabrics are waterproof and will not let water in even where there is pressure from rucsac straps etc. So the issue is how long the garments will be waterproof.
Gore-tex is extremely durable waterproof and many consumers have jackets over 20 years old that still perform well.
Aquafoil is durable and most consumers will get many years usage from their jackets.
 How breathable are Goretex jackets?
Berghaus use lab tests backed up with field testing to gain a good understanding of how breathable our jackets are. Using standard Gore-Tex Performance Shell  jackets as a benchmark the following is a guide as to how breathable garments are.
Gore-Tex Pro Shell 30+% more breathable
PacLite 35 - 40% more breathable
Aquafoil 25 - 35% less breathable

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