Saturday, 9 May 2009

British is best!

Definition: Montane regions generally have cooler temperatures and often have higher rainfall than the adjacent lowland regions. These are precisely the condition that Montane clothing excel at.

Montane have two main aims, firstly weight. The heavier something is the more energy it takes to transport it, and the more room it takes to pack, limiting room for luxuries like chocolate. Secondly is breathability. When people feel uncomfortable its usually because their perspiration is making them feel clammy, not only is it important to keep the rain out but also your sweat. To combat these Montane use various eVENT membranes that leave Gore-Tex in the dust. Some of the jackets are unbelievably light, for instance the featherlite smock weighs half the weight of a piece of paper per square metre.

Montane's quality is world renowned, their use of branded fabrics such as Pertex and eVENT mean the fabrics used are at the top of their league. This means that the versatility of Montane clothing is vast, ranging from their fast and light range that are perfect cyclists and runners to their mountain adventure range, ideal for anyone from the novice to British Mountain Rescue.

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