Saturday, 16 May 2009

Fast, Compact, Efficient.

The Jetboil cooking system was a first in design, style and technology. Incorporating a mug as the boiling pan, and an insulated sleeve that can be left on whilst cooking, the Jetboil collaborates many bits of kit into one compact unit.

One of the features that Jetboil are most proud of is the record boiling time. 33% quicker than its rivals, the Jetboil makes a perfect companion to any camper with a boil time of just 60 seconds for a perfect cup of tea. The patented FluxRing and Piezo Ignition, give a massive power input, along with a insulating Cozy and Lid, that provide efficient boiling through Neoprene insulation.

And finally the whole unit packs down neatly allowing for more room within your rucksack for all that extra Tea you'll be drinking.

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