Friday, 21 August 2009

Iodine banned for water purification by EU!

Important news about Purifying water.

After October 25th 2009 the EU is banning the sale of iodine droplets and tablets to purify drinking water. They are however considered still safe to use. The EU have insisted that the manufacturers comply with regulations on the biocides’ efficacy in scientific tests. Iodine is routinely used by the military and outdoor enthusiasts and is considered safe for short periods of use with the correct dosage. It was not recommended for long periods, pregnant women or those with Thyroid problems.

Chlorine tablets are still available for use, however it is recommended that you use the neutralizing tablets or the water tastes like a swimming pool. Alternatively you can filter your water using a pump such as the MSR Waterworks or the Katadyn pocket filter. The filters have a ceramic core which offer protection from the most commonly encountered culprits of tainted water. They filter out bacteria, protozoa and particles. The MSR filters have a carbon core to reduce the organic chemicals. You can filter up to 2000 litres with a filter.

There is another new gadget on the market which is the Steripen. This is really compact and light and use ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria. It purifies a litre in just ninety seconds.

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