Monday, 10 January 2011

Travel article from Icy Astana in Kazakstan

Paul Taylor is currently out in Kazakhstan and has been sending back some pictures and a bit of a diary about his travels.  If you thought we were having a cold winter check out the pictures below.

The first couple of pictures show the view from a bridge over the river that runs through the city.  There are three buildings that look the same to the top left of the picture (as you look at it).  We are staying in the block furthest to the left (last one in the picture).  As you can see we are close to the river. 

 You can see the ice skating rink that has been made on the river (unbelievably, its a beach in the summer). There's even a track that heads off from the rink and makes a circle down the river.

All along the river they have built ice sculptures and ice slides for the kids.  In the picture above you can see one on the bank of the river (directly below the house block to the right of our house).  Its amazing what you can do with some 'ice bricks' and some frozen water.  There are a lot of ice sculptures along the river as well.  I took a photo of one of the bigger ones of a rabbit.  Astana is hosting the winter Asian games in a couple of weeks time - so they have done lots of nice things to make the city attractive (the lights in the evening are very impressive!).

And then there are lots of ice slides for the kids.  These have been made out bricks of ice.  I have had to dig out my Rab Summit Jacket as its the only thing which will keep me warm out here!

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